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By Brendyn   •   Updated: 21 Sep 2018

Chalkbox is a brand new business with a long history running business training with some of Nelson’s most prominent companies. How can that be you ask?

We’ve worked with the Business Development Company (BDC) for many years. Julie and Chantell are wonderful people to work with, both passionate about business and leadership training. Julie is moving to Wellington and while BDC is still around, Chantell has launched the Chalkbox brand to take over the day to day running of training courses in the Nelson region.

“I am really excited to be helping Nelson businesses to grow by training their people. I wanted a clear and useful website to make it easy to find the right training course, and to share our client experiences.”
– Chantell Bramley, Managing Director of Chalkbox

It’s a new brand with a solid offering and many happy clients already.

How we helped Chalkbox

Business course display and search

We took the course offerings from the existing BDC website and modernised the look and feel of their display. We also implemented search and filtering for the courses so that prospective customers can easily drill down through the course offerings. We custom designed a system for managing scheduled courses to display in date order so that Chantell can list any public courses that are coming up.

Site content revamp and branding

We had the pleasure to work with Kirsten Revell from Revell Design who did the branding work on the site design. Together with Chantell, we worked on a look and feel for the site to create a nice, modern look. The content was deliberately streamlined to make it easy to know where to look and focus mainly on the course offerings.

Learning plan management

We’ve implemented a neat system for managing learning plans for each of the course participants. After the course completes they are prompted to enter their learning goals and then the system will automatically follow up with them after a month. This helps course participants get more out of their learning experience.

Visit the website and tell us what you think.

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