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Website design for Lakes380 project
Lakes380 is a 5 year research project collecting and presenting data on "Our Lakes’ Health: past, present, future". The project aims to enrich our understanding of the environmental, social and cultural histories of 10% of New Zealand’s 3,800 lakes (>1 ha).
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The brief

The Lakes 380 project came to us to create a website for the amazing data they have collected and to explain more about the processes involved and cultural significance of the research. They needed ways to showcase the breadth and scope of the project.

What we delivered:

  • A great website design based on the graphic design work of Kirsten from Revell Design
  • An easy way to enter lake data and a beautiful template to display the lake photo, description and various data points
  • A map of all the lake locations to give the visitor an overview of the scope of the project
  • Thoughtful navigation to help the visitor find the right part of the website quickly
  • Help and support for the Lakes380 team to upload lakes data via CSV and training on how to use the website
  • Various landing pages for specific project collaborations around individual lakes
  • Ongoing website hosting and care

“Many thanks and yes we have had awesome feedback. The most interesting feedback as come from ours and other organisations who have wondered how we have produced such a great website with such limited resources.”

Susie Wood
Lakes 380

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