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Website design for Businesses for Climate Action
Businesses for Climate Action are galvanising and equipping businesses to tackle the challenges and opportunities of climate change.
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The Brief

Businesses for Climate Action’s focus changed dramatically since we initially built their site and a revamp to reflect their new focus was required. Most of their work is now done by MISSION ZERO who are there to energise and support the Te Tauihu business community on our journey towards zero carbon. However, they still wanted an online presence for Businesses for Climate Action, and needed to target it at their funders to build a clear picture of the progress the organisation has made.

Working with a great brand = a great looking site

Kirsten from Revell Design did an excellent job on the brand design and it’s stood the test of time. We were able to easily adapt the branding from the previous design and keep the great brand aesthetic.

Modern design tools

We rebuilt the site using a more modern and performant platform, Bricks Builder (WordPress). This enabled us to improve the design and make it more resilient for future updates. Using Bricks Builder enabled us to make a modern, clean design that’s full of fun brand elements and a consistent design across all device sizes.

A focus on performance. Faster loading, less carbon.

Part of the reason to rebuild the site in Bricks Builder was its great performance. Lower file sizes and faster loading speeds mean less electricity consumed for each page viewed.

Using the Website Carbon testing tool we were able to measure an improvement in load time and a decrease in the carbon consumed with each page load. The testing method is still young but it’s a really important conversation to start having, since the web consumes more energy annually than most countries.

It’s just a small thing but it’s entirely consistent with the mission of the organisation.

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