Whenua Iti Outdoors


Experiential Education is the basis of the Whenua Iti Outdoors experience.  Using the challenge of the outdoors and natural resources they offer opportunities for you to learn about yourself, about others and about the natural environment.

The Brief

They came to us with an existing WordPress website that had a good foundation from a branding point of view. However, their website design didn't fully showcase the wonderful experiences that participants on their courses enjoy. It also didn't take full advantage of their wonderful images and videos and it was hard to navigate to find out about the full range of options on offer.

We were tasked with presenting their course offerings, their story and their resources in a more exciting and logical manner. Whenua Iti Outdoors also wanted to utilise the site better to capture new course enrolments, share information, downloads and commonly used forms/brochures with their course participants.

First step, make a plan

The first step with any successful project is to make a good plan. Rushing into the design phase without working out the best way to achieve the desired outcomes often leads to a website that looks great but doesn't quite nail the objectives.

We sat down with the Whenua Iti Outdoors team, looked at the target audiences that use their website and identified the key information/tools needed for each of these groups. Then we workshopped the best way to organise the content so that each target group could easily flow through the website to get to the information that they needed.

Showcasing the courses

Whenua Iti Outdoors have a large number of courses each with various different components, age requirements and unit standards. We created a custom workflow for entering the course information in the WordPress Admin interface so that the courses could be displayed in a elegant and consistent manner for the website visitor.

Website design with easy content management for Whenua Iti
Website design with easy content management for Whenua Iti
Website design with easy content management for Whenua Iti

Getting their team involved in the content process

Simple, drag and drop, content editing

One of the best ways for a client to take ownership of their website is by taking control of the content editing.

We setup a simple, drag and drop, page builder and trained the Whenua Iti Outdoors team to easily create, edit and reorganise their content.

The results were incredible. Jennifer and the team contributed countless hours to the project, working alongside the Avoca Web Design team to get the content perfect. They were a joy to work with. As a result of their care and attention and the well thought out plan, the website content has more than achieved their goals for the redesign.

The content they created has been well suited for each of their target audiences and they have had great feedback from their users about the website.

Simple page builder for WordPress websites

The Result