Introducing the Sea Rescue Sled

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The sea rescue sled, website and project management by Avoca Web Design

We have just helped Nelson sailor Lloyd Valentine launch a website design for his innovative new product for Man Overboard (MOB) rescue the Sea Rescue Sled.
Lloyd has lost more than one friend in boating accidents. He conceived the idea for the Sea Rescue Sled when he learned a good mate had died after being swept overboard because—despite desperate efforts—the other crew member couldn’t lift him back onto the yacht.
Here’s how Lloyd describes the target market

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a keen novice, safety at sea should always be your first priority. Boating accidents are unpredictable by their very nature, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to be prepared.
A Sea Rescue Sled could spell the difference between a life lost or a life saved. Along with life jackets and locator buoys, it should form part of every yacht’s safe sailing kit.
It’s important to practise deploying your sled so that in an emergency, when every minute counts, you can effect a successful rescue as quickly as possible.

It’s a great product, we recommend checking it out, visit the Sea Rescue Sled website.
It was again a great team effort with wonderful contributions from Kirsten at Revell Design, Niki Morrell on the copywriting and Naked Eye DV with the excellent video work.

Brendyn Montgomery

Brendyn is the manager of Avoca Web Design, a keen trail runner and an accomplished and award winning musician.

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