Marcia Montgomery

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Website design for Marcia Montgomery
Marcia provides relaxing Massage & Bodywork treatments at Balance, in Buxton Carpark in the Nelson CBD.
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Marcia’s objectives

Marcia is transitioning from her practice as a naturopath to being primarily a massage therapist. Marcia’s old website was optimised for her former naturopathic focus. While it did incorporate the massage therapy services that Marcia excels at, the search engine optimisation for that new direction needed some updating to help her rank better for local “Nelson massage” searches.

The visual look of the website and the client experience of booking a session also needed some attention and to be made 100% mobile optimised.

Our strategy

We redesigned the website from the ground up to take advantage of the latest improvements in drag and drop page builders. This enabled us to create a beautiful site design that was easy for Marcia to edit and tweak over time.

Key features of the website design:

  • Making it personal. By putting Marcia front and centre in the design, we wanted to encourage a more personal connection with her and her clients
  • Review the booking system,
  • SEO structure and keyword strategy to help Bold Communications rank well in search engines
  • Target market advice and strategy

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