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Website design for Taonga by Timoti
Taonga by Timoti produce beautiful pounamu taonga, carved from locally sourced pounamu.
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We’ve just had the great pleasure of working with Timoti and Morganne at Taonga by Timoti, they produce finely crafted pounamu carvings. Their work is beautiful and they are wonderful people to work with.

Tim and Morganne have a great story and a wonderful way of blending tikanga into the way they share their work with the world. It both educates their customers and grounds their work in tradition. Their story is currently being featured by Air New Zealand in flight entertainment

Here’s how they describe their Kaupapa:

You will not find any mass produced, factory line, machine cut pieces here. You are all individuals, and we believe your jewellery should reflect that.

Timoti was led to this mahi by a series of moemoea (dreams) and we are personally invested in each taonga. We ourselves gather each stone from the valleys of Te Tau Ihu, Aotearoa.(Nelson, New Zealand)

You are purchasing a taonga, a treasure, and we believe our processes should respect that. Each piece is designed and carved here with our own two hands.

Because each stone, and indeed each slice, has its own unique colours and patterns, strengths and flaws, we let the stone inform our design rather than forcing the stone to conform to our needs.
Every taonga by Timoti has its own personality and story. Every taonga by Timoti holds its own mystery and spirit. Just like you.

Taonga by Timoti

We’ve recently launched their new website, it is looking great and it is already selling pieces. They’ve both really rolled their sleeves up and helped with the process. Morganne has been transforming herself into an excellent product photographer along the way.

What we did for them

Transforming their existing woocommerce shopping experience

We took their existing website and woocommerce online shop and cleaned up and modernise everything. It was important to place their work first, featuring photos and making it easy to find and buy pieces. We wanted to them a cleaner, modern look and feel while also allowing their customers to connect with their story. We’ve restructured the flow of information on the site for better search engine optimisation performance.
We helped them setup Stripe for payments and streamline the shop purchasing experience.

Make it speedy!

Customers, particularly online shoppers, won’t tolerate slow loading pages. We worked hard to make the new site 83% faster in page load speed, we shaved over 1 second off their page load speed! We did this by shifting the website to our blazing fast hosting platform, removing unnecessary javascript files, compressing images with our suite of WordPress performance tools and working with a modern, super fast theme.

Results from Pingdom website speed tests on the new site on Avoca’s faster website hosting platform

Wordpress hosting speed tests on pingdom

Results from Pingdom website speed tests on the old site on its previous hosting

Wordpress hosting speed tests on pingdom

Plan a great content strategy

Good Honest Content is working with them to create a content strategy to further drive their success and customer engagement. We’re looking forward to amplifying their success.

“They asked all the right questions, they understood our business and how we wanted to present ourselves, they knew how to deal with our marketing issues and —most importantly— they were friendly and kind and so nice.”

Morganne Byrne
Owner - Taonga by Timoti

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