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A team dedicated to safeguarding and revitalising the health of lakes in Aotearoa. This project is developing approaches to understand, diagnose, and enhance lake health to ensure our lakes are protected now and in the future.
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Our lakes, Our Future is a follow up project after Lakes 380. It’s lead by scientists from The Cawthron Institute and GNS.

We’re passionate about the outdoors and water quality is fundamental to enjoying the outdoor space. Whether you’re miles up a valley in a national park or on the water paddling a waka. So this project is near and dear to our hearts.

How we’ve helped the project so far

  • We developed a new site design that is clean and modern, aimed at making the project easy to understand
  • Special section in the site for sharing news, resources and publications make it easy for staff involved with the project to communicate their findings over time
  • Lake data, stories and storytellers from the Lakes 380 project have been migrated and represented here
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