Kea Conservation Trust

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Website design for Kea Conservation Trust
Kea are an iconic but sadly endangered native bird of Aotearoa. They are highly adaptive and are considered by scientists to be one of the most intelligent bird species in the world. The Kea conservation trust are on a mission to save the species by supporting science and education.
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About the Kea Conservation Trust

Kea are a unique and endangered parrot (psittacine) species endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. A website redesign focused on improving access to content, modernising the design and speeding up the page load times.

How we helped them

As one of our oldest clients, the Kea Conservation Trust have had several website iterations. They have a LOT of content and so managing this and making it easy to access was a key focus.

This latest redesign was focused on:

  • Improving the UX / UI design to help visitors find content more easily
  • Modernising the design
  • Improving the mobile friendliness
  • Improving page load speeds

“I think your technical knowledge is excellent (i.e. the speed testing you have done with Oxygen vs. Elementor). You always find a solution, or have options when we have a problem. With other clients, I often got answers that where not getting to the root, or a solution, or basically were average as the agency was too busy – I’ve never seen that with you.”

Annika Werner
Kea Conservation Trust

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