Simplify your processes & data management

Leads, donations, volunteers; manage anything, online


Why do you need an online database?

Are you still using complicated spreadsheets for mail merge or reporting. Using a CRM system but frustrated by it's constraints? Would being able to filter, group and sort your data in many different ways be helpful? Are you sharing data/online processes with your team? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, there's a good chance that Airtable will really help your business/organisation.

We've been searching for years for a easy to use yet powerful tool to manage clients data online. Airtable is a wonderful app that has a great free offering and even more power for paid users.

Stop double handling your data, reclaim your sanity

Capture your leads in a CRM style database automatically or send registrations for an event directly to a database. We can setup forms on your website that send the data directly to airtable.

Free up your time with automated processes

Airtable can connect to Zapier and other services to automate processes like adding new people to your mailing lists, get updated data from other services and much more

Share it with your whole team, take it mobile

Airtable is easy to share with your whole team both on the desktop but also through mobile applications. Get everyone on the same page and collaborating in real time.

What is so special about Airtable?

  • Really easy to use and understand. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use airtable
  • Great free tier. It allows you to use it and share it in your team free for databases up to 1200 records
  • Not for Profit Discounts of 50%
  • Powerful features for paying clients like mailmerge, SMS sending and more
  • Excellent team sharing features
  • Great mobile apps

We care about our clients experience online. We only use the recommend the best products.

Airtable more than meets those criteria for us. It is extremely versatile. We've used it to build a complex student reporting tool for an education client, manage events registrations and run marketing plan calendars. We use it internally to keep track of all our website hosting, CRM needs and content reviews with clients.

A real example: a view from our client content review database

We’ve created a content review process that we use on each new website project. We use Airtable with our clients to catalouge their existing and planned content. Then we review what content improvements SEO changes need to be made as we move through the design process. It's easy to share with our clients and our team and keeps everyone on the same page (pun intended).

Let's create something awesome online. Together

We love partnering with teams with a great story to tell, designing websites that reach the right target audience and drive online growth. Share your vision with us.