Trades Academy training is practical and hands-on and there are lots of options to choose from. You can learn anything from mechanical engineering and aquaculture, to hairdressing and hospitality. You’ll learn heaps of useful skills to help you go on to further study or get a job right out of school.


The Brief

TOTSTA had an exisiting website that was getting dated. The website content wasn't particularly well structured for optimal visitor flow. With advancing technology and the rise of social media they needed to undertake a comprehensive website redesign to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

They wanted a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new students, position itself as a thought leader in the industry and provide credibility to secondary schools, students and education providers.

In particular they wanted a website that will excite visitors to explore and that has ‘mana’, create a new vibrant look that integrates elements of the new ‘funky’ brochure style used in the new promotional material; showcase TOTSTA courses and their real value to students and spotlight student experiences with student case studies.

We set out to create a vibrant look for the website that integrates elements of the new ‘funky’ brochure style used in the new promotional material

Trades Academy have a great brochure. It has been designed to appeal to their target audience. They really wanted this style used as much as possible on the website.

Avoca Web Design distilled the important elements of colour and layout and incorporated them into the website design.

The Brochure

Nelson web design based on graphic design

The Website

Nelson web design based on graphic design

Spotlight student experiences with student case studies

Student bios are used in various different places on the website; in the courses, in the Student Stories and in each individual student story. Some stories are from graduate students and some from current students.

It was important that all the information could be entered in one place and then parts drawn for each different application.

The Result

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