True drag and drop content editing in Wordpress

Beaver builder is changing the way we build websites


Beaver Builder has revolutionised how we build WordPress websites and made it easy for our clients to edit and make changes themselves.

"If you're a WordPress user, finally get complete control of your website.
Our page builder plugin works with your existing website. Building beautiful, professional pages and is as easy as dragging and dropping."

"If you're a web professional, build responsive sites faster than ever.
A page builder and framework theme can revolutionise your workflow. Save valuable time and empower clients to handle their own edits."

Beaver Builder's page builder is independent of the theme

What we also like is that the page builder can be separate from the theme if necessary giving us a lot of flexibility. If we decide to change the theme we don't loose out content.

"Separate your page builder from your theme and get complete control of your content.
Beaver Builder's page builder plugin can be used with any theme and you can switch themes without losing your content. Even if you decide to stop using Beaver Builder, your content gets ported right back into the WordPress editor."

Live editing

At last you can see changes as you go, move modules and rows around the page. No more guesswork.

Mobile friendly

As long as you're using a responsive theme, any page built with Beaver Builder will be totally mobile responsive.

Reusable templates

Every layout you create can be saved and reused an unlimited number of times to quickly build new pages.

Hide modules

Some of our clients have seasonal differences in their business where some content will be reused again over summer but not needed over winter. Modules and even rows can be made hidden and made visible again when required.

Columns & rows

You can easily make rows and columns to create exciting layouts.

Save and reuse

You can create a row or module once, then use it all over your site. You can save it as a global row so any time it is changed it gets changed everywhere on the website. Or you can save them as 'non-global' and use them as a template elsewhere on your website.

PowerPack from Beaver Addons

Extending the design and functionality of Beaver Builder

PowerPack for Beaver Builder by Team IdeaBox - Beaver Addons has over 50 custom modules styles. We can now build beautiful content blocks, insert gravity forms, add beautiful blog layouts or dual buttons with ease.

Fred Myer did a review of the Beaver Builder plugin on WPShout. He bought a one off licence and built a landing page from scratch in an hour without using the manual. We agree with his conclusions that

"Beaver Builder is now the obvious solution for putting widgets and shortcodes onto your pages wherever you want them."

Overall, Beaver Builder felt like it gave me new powers—and didn’t make me feel like I was paying for them with massive losses in the technical quality or robustness of the site. Stuff got done, and quickly, and getting it done didn’t make me wince very often.

So the bottom line for me is that, as a developer who can code well enough to do anything I want in WordPress, I would, and probably will, use Beaver Builder to create landing pages and other complex layouts for WPShout when we need them.

Fred Mayer, WPShout
Read his full article @

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