Theft – is your computer backed up?

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Backup your computer

Just before Christmas professional friends of ours had their house broken into. It is a devastating experience. A computer used for professional use was stolen along with jewellery from a beloved grandma. Somehow they left behind the backpack filled with camera gear.
Fortunately, our friends had her computer backup disks with very recent backups so the work was not completely lost. One backup disk was held both offsite and at was at home, but fortunately the thieves never found it.
It takes a while for the insurance to assess what was stolen and to replace it.

How would you fare if your work computer was stolen?

  • Are you backed up?
  • Do you hold a recent backup offsite?
  • Is your backup within the last week?

We strongly recommend taking at least weekly computer backups on 2 different hard drives and holding one of these backups onsite and the other offsite. If you have the broadband capacity back up to the Cloud.

Not just theft – what about earthquakes, fires and floods

Theft is not the only thing that can cause the loss of data as people in Christchurch found out in the earthquakes and now during the fires.
We are becoming increasingly reliant on our computer and what it holds for our work and for our families. Make sure you have a system that will protect your information.

What sort of backup?

There are different types of backup. In case of theft where your computer will be replaced a bootable backup is a good idea.
We recommend TimeMachine for Apple Mac computers for a local bootable backup.
If you want a cloud based backup you could look at BackBlaze.

Brendyn Montgomery

Brendyn is the manager of Avoca Web Design, a keen trail runner and an accomplished and award winning musician.

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