The Wellington App

By Brendyn   •   Updated: 07 Sep 2018

The Wellington App is an exciting new mobile app for iOS and Android that provides local news, business listings and current events for Wellingtonians. Run by Huup and Ruth, The Wellington app needed a website to help promote the app, sell business listings, manage the news and events that are being posted to the app.

Here’s how Ruth and Huup describe the app:

The first comprehensive mobile news and information service, created especially for Wellington city and suburbs. With real-time local news pushed to your device every day plus 100s of local business and community listings, there’s no easier way to keep in touch with what’s happening, where to go and what to do.

We had a lot of fun figuring out creative ways to help them get the results that they needed.

Payment and subscription for their customers

As well as setting up the website we built a subscription billing system using Woocommerce subscriptions. Customers can purchase a business listing for their business on the app and then pay by credit card. The system then bills them monthly or yearly depending on their choices. This is a huge timesaver for the team at the Wellington App, as it lets them get on with running the business rather than chasing invoices.

Airtable database for managing business listings

We love airtable. Let’s not beat around the bush, we use it for a lot of things both internally and for clients. We worked closely with James Samuel another airtable lover in the Nelson region to create a business listing management system for Huup. It takes the data from business listings entered in the website and gives him the tools to manage those listings and transfer them to the mobile app.

It was a very easy tool to quickly prototype the system and then build it up with more functionality as the requirements became more complex.

Feeding website news posts and events directly to the app

WordPress started as a blogging and news platform so it’s ideally suited to running a news site. Using a JSON feed (if that sounds geeky, that’s because it is :) ) the Wellington App is able to regularly pull the latest news from the website directly into the app. We have also been able to help them setup an events management system that brings events into the app the same way.

It was a challenging but fun project to work on that pushed the boundaries a little but has really helped to get the Wellington App serving the Wellington community well.

Check out the website and download the app

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