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The Magic Compass - Events Website

Events listing directory and inspiration portal

The Magic Compass is an events listing and inspirational portal. The place to explore the creative edges of you in all areas of your life, events to inspire yourself beyond what is, and connect and collaborate with others to generate an alchemical fusion of adepts. The Magic Compass can guide you, but it cannot take you there. Are you ready to step up and show up in your life? Are you ready to imagineer your life into a whole new way of being?

Transformative Collaborations

What magic can you generate when you connect and collaborate? The Collab is a place for New Zealanders to put the word out about inspiring co-creative projects that will assist us to all thrive in our lives. Drawing in talent and resources from all areas of Aotearoa and beyond; from sustainable building projects to inspirational youth-programmes. What sparkle of an idea to you have that is now ready to be seen and actualised?

Going beyond what you know

Ideas and conversations that invite you to explore what else is possible in this world. This part of the portal contains articles from thought leaders and way-showers, that aim to inspire and empower by offering a different point of view in the world. Here, we also acknowledge local upcoming talent or projects that are a contribution to our New Zealand community as well as feature insights and tools from various wisdom keepers to assist others on their journey of self-exploration.
We worked with Yee Ley to design and build a site to meet her vision.

Brendyn Montgomery

Brendyn is the manager of Avoca Web Design, a keen trail runner and an accomplished and award winning musician.

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