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Business Development company, BDC, Nelson

We’ve launched a number of new client websites in the last couple of months.

Business Development Company website redesign

This has been one of our most enjoyable creative projects of recent times. The Business Development Company is a great, Nelson based business that helps other businesses with research, surveys, training courses and business writing. Julie and the team are fantastic to work with.
They had an older and dated looking website and branding that needed a spruce up. We worked closely with Kirsten from Revell Design to come up with a great solution.
Together we came up with a project brief that covered:

  • New logo and branding
  • Photoshoot to get fun images that didn’t feel too much like stock photography. We coupled these with illustrations to highlight the ideas and problems bei
  • Illustrative styled characters to compliment the photos
  • Business cards and other printed material
  • Staff Photos
  • Website redesign and implementation in WordPress

We’ve had some neat feedback from people about the images that we created which is great. We had so much fun brainstorming ideas and running the photosho0t, it’s always satisfying when others enjoy the end product as much as you do.
Visit the BDC website

Stressless Massage website redesign

Stress is a huge issue in all kinds of work places, decreasing productivity and contributing to poor health and posture. Coupled with ever increasing time sitting in front of computers for many of us.
Stressless massage have been helping businesses in the Nelson region elevate stress in the workplace for over 14 years. They are the biggest provider of mobile chair and table massage in the region. Their team of qualified, professional and experienced therapists provide a space to relax; encouraging the release of tension and stress, the perfect stress management technique.
Sounds wonderful, Avoca Design might need to sign up.
The previous stressless massage website was static HTML, which meant they couldn’t manage the content themselves. It was also looking very 90’s. We launched a clean, ‘stressfree’ website redesign that helps reflect the brand and experience of their massage better to potential customers. Emily and the team do great work and they are welcome in our office anytime :).
Visit the Stressless Massage website

Waxeye Circulation Socks

Masterton Foot Clinic run by Adam Philps has been a client for quite a while. Earlier this year Adam approached us to create a new site to push his new venture, Waxeye Circulation Socks made from New Zealand merino wool. They are a unique product, pure New Zealand merino wool with a special longitudinal design that means no more horizontal stripes on your legs.
We created a one page website design that really showcases the brand, with clear, clean image of the socks. We encourage you to check them out and wish Adam and the waxeye team every success.
Visit the Waxeye Socks website

Marcia Montgomery – Naturopath & massage therapist

Marcia is a naturopath and massage therapist in Nelson. Her clear approach and flowing massage style is appreciated by all her clients.
Marcia needed a logo refresh and updated website to launch her new clinic room in central Nelson. Kirsten from Revell Design worked with us to create a stylish logo and brand for Marcia. We came to the party with a clean and simple website redesign and online booking system, Get timely. Marcia has been impressed by how easy it is to manage her bookings and even has people paying in advance now which is great for cashflow.
It was also a great opportunity to work with another Klim font, Domaine Display, which we adore. Klim fonts consistently add an undeniable elegance and style to designs, we use Feijoa Display for our logo font.
Visit Marcia Montgomery’s website

Brendyn Montgomery

Brendyn is the manager of Avoca Web Design, a keen trail runner and an accomplished and award winning musician.

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