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By Admin   •   Updated: 22 Nov 2019
NZ Newcomers new website home page

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New Zealand Newcomers Network is an Alliance of regional Newcomers Networks all over New Zealand. It’s open to anyone, whether newly arrived from overseas and or recently moved within New Zealand. The regional Networks offer lots of fun social events and activities. The NZ Newcomers is an affiliated programme of the Federation of Multicultural Councils Inc. (Multicultural New Zealand).

NZ Newcomers objectives

The NZ Newcomers had a large WordPress website with a lot of functionality. It was built in 2013 and was looking very dated. They are no longer funded by the government and rely heavily on attracting sponsors and funders to help fund the organisation. They wanted a modern, easy to manage website to encourage more interaction from newcomers and to present a professional look to prospective funders.

Our strategy

Newcomers is organised into 17 regions with around 37 branches. Each branch co-ordinator is responsible for entering events in their branch.

We built the original site in 2013 using a custom post type and taxonomies to organise the regions and branches and using Advanced Custom Fields to gather the data for each region and branch. This has worked well, but the age of the theme was limiting the display of the elements, particularly on mobile. It was hard to make changes, the technology base out of date and the look and feel desperately needed updating. It wasn’t natively mobile friendly and bringing it up to spec wasn’t possible using the older technology.

We made redesigned the look and feel to bring it up to date using a modern theme and is mobile friendly by default. We used the existing Custom Post Type and all the Advanced Custom Fields and the existing events management system, although there are plans to update that in the very near future.

“WOW The website is looking FABULOUS, we love it!  A huge thanks, you have all done an amazing job, I was very proud to show it off at my meeting with Auckland managers yesterday!”

Andreja, National Co-ordinator, NZ Newcomers
Newcomers website redesign branch page

Key features of the website design:

  • Creating a new look, feel and colour scheme for the website and making it sure it works on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Redesign the layout and create templates for single posts in the custom post type for both branches and regions
  • Redesign the layout for the events to fit in with the new design
  • Create templates for internal pages
  • Redesign the map of clickable New Zealand regions using the plugin Image Map Pro
  • Create global modules that can be reused within the site to maintain the consistency of design elements

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