How to cope in a pandemic. Covid-19 resources

How you can help your business during a pandemic

Practical advice and tools to help

Last updated: 25/3/20

These are weird times! We know it's stressful for all businesses.

So we're trying to collect useful resources that might help you at this time. We'll be updating this page as often as we can.

Please feel free to share the page or the links on it if you think they could be useful.

Getting Business Support

If you work in New Zealand, the government has provided some assistance packages for businesses to help keep the wages flowing.

Our accountant, Numbersmith, has produced an excellent resource on how to apply for the support you business might need at this time.

Read Numbersmiths' Covid-19 business information

Also don't wait to talk with your bank or financial institution. It's in their interests too to keep your business operational if they can.

Working from home

If you're new to remote work, especially in a team, there can be a few hurdles to overcome. Here's some resources that might help.

Webinars and training

EthicallyMad webinar on working from home (3 dates 26, 28, 31 March)

Chalkbox Business training - Flexible Working Course (delivered online)


Tips for working from home by Readdle

Online Tools to help your business


Our go to email newsletter software and automation tool. Mailerlite is stepping up to help you with your communications during the pandemic.

Use Mailerlite free of charge for 3 months if you are a:

  • Governmental agency
  • Educational organisation
  • healthcare provider

Get 3 months of Mailerlite for free

If you're not one of the above you can use Mailerlite for free for up to 1000 subscribers and also get a $20 credit if you need to pay for it by using the following link (full disclosure we also get a $20 credit if you use the link below).

Sign up to Mailerlite and get a $20 credit

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a tool for running remote meetings and webinars. If you have G Suite account, Google has increased the limits on attendee numbers for all businesses to help you communicate with your clients and customers during this time

See the details

GiveWP - donation management software for WordPress

We know that donations are the life blood of non-profits. We're seeing great results for clients using GiveWP to manage their donations.

During the Covid-19 crisis GiveWP is offering a 40% discount for their platform. We're able to get better pricing than is on their website by spreading those costs over several clients.

Talk to us if you need to:

  • Streamline donation management now you're not in the office
  • Automatically tax receipt donations as they come in
  • Take recurring donations
  • Setup up targeted campaign donations for specific Covid-19 or other other projects

Talk to us about GiveWP