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Good quality content is more effective and cost-efficient than traditional advertising

“It’s not about selling.
– It’s about letting your customers or clients see who you are and how you can improve their lives.”

“Customers want to be courted, entertained, and informed. Previously, you’d have used traditional advertising — fliers, print ads, TV spots — to do this. The internet and content marketing have changed that.
Content marketing is proving more effective and cost-efficient than traditional advertising. Instead of interruptions, it offers customers options — anything from helpful blog posts to educational e-books to Instagram photos of your company picnic. It’s not about selling. It’s about letting your customers or clients see who you are and how you can improve their lives.”
Prose Media

Create quality content for your website that your clients will find interesting

Creating and adding quality content is inherent to good SEO. If you do little else with your SEO other than creating good content on your website or blogging using keywords important to your business, you’ll see significant gains over time.

“Effective content captures a reader’s attention, leads to actionable results, and inspires loyalty — even if your reader isn’t ready to make a purchase…”
Prose Media
Words Matter: 8 Simple Word Choices that Help You Convert Leads
(A great article for writing content for your website)

Focus on quality and keywords

Write things

  • your clients will be interested in,
  • that are well written and well laid out,
  • that have keywords they might use to search for you on the internet.

Ongoing things to do:

  • Keep all your content up to date.
  • Always use keywords (sensibly).
  • Add new video or images regularly.
  • Start a blog with useful information and tips

Keep the content coming!

The benefits for both SEO and Social Media requires a consistent stream of quality content. Without changing content, there’s nothing new for Google’s crawlers to pick up and index in search engines. This means they’ll visit your website less and less frequently.
Without content, there’s nothing valuable for you to share on your website and in your social media channels, which means that Google’s crawlers, your fans and followers will stop engaging with your updates and eventually stop following you.
To find out more about SEO read this article.

Use Social Media to promote your blog

Social Media actually helps your organic search presence. Just like inbound links are a ‘vote’ for your website, Google’s crawlers love websites that have lots of inbound links so social shares of your content are counted as a ‘vote’ too.
The more people love your content, the more Google will want to show it to others. So investing in a Social Media strategy can help your online visibility.
Maintaining an active social media presence lets you carry on prolonged, friendly conversations with your followers. While you do that, your social reach extends even more as their network/friends see you popping up in their feeds.
When you’re talking with people one on one like you do on Social Media, you can provide seriously personalised service that other marketing channels struggle to match.
Remember to always lead them back to your blog by giving them a snippet and directing them to read the rest on your blog page.

Automated posting to Social Media can save you time

There are Social Media monitoring tools out there to make monitoring and sharing information between your website and the your social networks more efficient. Something like Buffer can save you time managing social media for your business
You can schedule posts, analyse performance, and manage all your social media accounts in one place. Ask us if you would like more information.

How we can help you?

1. Read our blog

Check out our SEO and Content Strategy posts, in particular read…
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2. Talk to us about our SEO services

Read “A guide to search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

3. Check out Good Honest Content

We have partnered with Good Honest Content because we saw a real need to get our clients help with writing great, relevant content for their websites. Good Honest Content provides Content Strategy Services, working with you to find your brand’s voice and write engaging content for your website. They also have some great bog posts…

4. Read Other Articles

Find good articles on writing copy for your website. I really like Prose Media. They have lots of great articles but this one Making Your Website Resonate — 7 Tips for Irresistible Copy
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