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Avoca Web Design is a small Nelson based web design agency. Here’s what we’ve been up to as a team.

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Recent client website launches

By Brendyn Montgomery / 7 August, 2014 / Comments Off on Recent client website launches

We’ve launched a number of new client websites in the last couple of months. Business Development Company website redesign This has been one of our most enjoyable creative projects of recent times. The Business Development Company is a great, Nelson based business that helps other businesses with research, surveys, training courses and business writing. Julie […]

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Grunt and Migrate DB Pro – workflow (part3)

By Brendyn Montgomery / 20 July, 2014 / Comments Off on Grunt and Migrate DB Pro – workflow (part3)

Managing website deployments and databases is the single biggest issue for us with our ongoing website management. We keep our client’s websites up to date and upgrade the plugins for them. So once we had selected a web host that suited our needs, we needed to put a smart, time saving workflow in place. Setting […]

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WordPress Website Hosting – Workflow (part 2)

By Brendyn Montgomery / 22 April, 2014 / Comments Off on WordPress Website Hosting – Workflow (part 2)

In the first part of this series we explained why Avoca Design settled on WordPress for our website development needs. If WordPress is the engine of your website then the hosting is the highway that allows you to reach your audience. We quickly realised that we needed to make sure that a quality hosting provider stood behind all […]

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Why WordPress for your website? It's powerful and easy to use.

Why WordPress? Workflow (part 1)

By Brendyn Montgomery / 31 March, 2014 / Comments Off on Why WordPress? Workflow (part 1)

We’ve been busy in the Avoca Design office over the last few months tightening up our website development workflow and thought we could share some of the benefits and the ongoing challenges. Our goals were to speed up our progress, make it easier to roll back changes and generally streamline the production process. This will […]

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