The Big Avoca Web Design Rebrand

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Avoca Web Design rebranding - White Logo on Blue background

Why a new brand?

Why an Avoca Web Design rebrand? Every business evolves over time.
Sometimes when you look back it’s amazing just how far you’ve come. In 2016 we realised that we had outgrown our current logo and branding style which was an evolution of an idea from roughly a decade ago. It was definitely time for a fresh start! The Avoca Web Design rebrand got underway.
Our web design business has grown and evolved hugely over the last two years and we needed to better reflect the work we do now and the personality of the business.
Our goals for the new brand and website design:

  • Look more modern and professional
  • Use a fresh colour palette that felt lighter and more fun
  • Retain the homage to the mountains where our business started (this also reflects the Nelson environment too)
  • Communicate the care we take with our work
  • Be more personal, more in keeping with the way we interact with our clients

A tagline to anchor the Avoca Web Design rebrand

Helping you choose the right path online”

The tagline evolved over the course of the rebranding effort. The basic idea was to convey the feedback that we’ve had from clients that when they come to us with an idea we are able to help them understand the best path forward. We can listen to the idea and then look at the project from a high level, anticipate the potential pitfalls and then communicate a solid strategy in plain english so clients feel empowered in the the choices they are making.
It also has a slight outdoor flavour that reflects the team, Brendyn is into trail running and tramping and Jan is into Waka Ama paddling.

A real collaborative, team effort

We worked very closely with Kirsten from Revell Design on the logo and brand guidelines and Niki Morrell on the written copy and “voice”. This allowed us to redefine the image and the tone of the Avoca Web Design brand to better suit our work, clients and position in the market. The brief that we gave Kirsten for the logo was to retain the mountain elements that are a part of our history with Castle Hill in Canterbury and also in our current home in Nelson. However, we wanted to portray the clean, elegant and structured thinking that we bring to our work and encompass the world of possibilities at the beginning of each new client project. Kirsten came back with a striking logo mark that really hits the spot.
We are delighted to be able to share this with you and would love to have your comments on our new look.

Brendyn Montgomery

Brendyn is the manager of Avoca Web Design, a keen trail runner and an accomplished and award winning musician.

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