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By Brendyn   •   Updated: 17 May 2018
Richard Aston giving a TED Talk in Auckland

AstonKerr is a new business set up to help non-profits facing changes in funding, management, governance or organisational culture.

Over 15 years, we have faced every challenge known to the unique organisations that are non-profits, from funding to management, governance to culture change. We’re keen to share what we’ve learnt.
We know the challenge of growth very well. Too fast and the wheels fall off, too slow and the opportunity slips past you. From creating a new community programme from scratch, to replicating that programme nationally, we can help with strategic and operational planning and shaping culture for innovation and growth.

Richard was 15 years CEO of BigBuddy, an organisation aimed at helping find mentors for fatherless boys. Ruth has a background in journalism, documentary research, editing, public relations and writing – the broad area of publishing. She managed communications at Big Buddy for 15 years – both voluntarily and on contract.

Together they co-authored the book “Our Boys – Raising strong, happy sons from boyhood to manhood“. Our Boys is a down-to-earth guide to bringing up boys; following the course of their lives from birth through to manhood and exploring the themes that shape them most – from the importance of authentic praise to choosing the right school and dealing with the dangers of alcohol, pornography and drugs.

Richard Aston speaks at TED talks – Auckland

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