10 Great Steps to get your first 150 customers

By Brendyn   •   Updated: 09 May 2017
10 steps to get more clients for your online business

Launching your online business can feel overwhelming!

There’s so much to consider when you first launch your online business:

  • Which marketing channels to focus on? (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google ads, organic search, traditional media)
  • How do I know who to target?
  • What do I need to do to entice my first customers to purchase my product or service?
  • How to I make my business launch exciting?
  • How to I get friends and colleagues help spread the word?

This article from the wonderful folks at the online booking tool Timely have some great tips:

1. Get the basics right

It’s important to have a few things in order before you start.

  • Know who your customers are. When you start a business, you shouldn’t just say, “I want to open a salon, or I want to open a massage therapy practice.” You need to be specific. Who are you going to open it for, and how do you know that those people want your services.

  • Make sure your brand aligns with your potential customers.

  • Get your prices right the first time. It’s hard to bounce back from a poor pricing plan, because your prices bring in the lifeblood of your business: cash.

  • Don’t go into business heavily discounting everything. That’s a bad way to start a venture. Charge for the value you’re giving, and treat your customers to an incredible experience.

Read the full article here


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